Summer Time starts

The clocks go forward tonight, lovely sunny day outside, time to update this blog

My runners are now all germinated, well all except the mystery one I found, the beans have rotted so never will know what they were. Because the weather is good I have started to harden the runners off, first day out in the sun today, they were galloping away in the conservatory

The tomatoes are now showing the first true leaves, not going leggy and still on the window sill, but no extra heat except from normal room

The mini roses, I have now planted them into a large pot at Age Concern, I did take a photo but it really was a poor shot so not posting that

A lovely show of daffs now in the sun, the early Tete a Tete are going over, but plenty of other varieties to come

My peach is in blossom, but has peach leaf curl, which I was expecting since it is now outside, will just have to take it’s chances because the greenhouse is no longer suitable

And lastly, one of my figs, the one in the conservatory, has embryo figs showing, not quite pea sized yet


List of fruit growing in my garden

I thought I would supply a list of all the fruit I have in my garden, it may sound a lot but really isn’t, especially as most of them are young trees / bushes


You taking the p*ss?

Took the opportunity with first bit of sun for a few days to get out and carry on with the raspberry and general pruning. now I have both buddleia pruned well down to manageable levels, and the raspberries are down to ground level

Made a bit of an inroad into the largest gooseberry, it was getting too big for the spot I have it in, fruitful enough but snags on clothing and washing in the summer. Just removing the old dark wood and some of the lower sprawling branches has given more space already

Added my shredded paper, you know the sort, old bills, letters etc that are not really suitable for general recycling , due to content, I added to my compost Daleks, then sloshed on about two pints of diluted wee to help it all rot down.

The way I figure it, if someone is desperate enough to rummage through my compost to reclaim my wee soaked shopping receipts and stick them back together to find I bought some bread and milk one day they deserve a medal, but they had better be quick, because the wee adds nitrogen which acts as an accelerator and should be down rotted in a month or so

Fruit tidy ups

Made a bit of a start at pruning my autumn fruiting raspberries, Autumn Gold, never got too far because my back started playing up & the garden waste wheelie bin was full by then. Due to be emptied this coming Wednesday.

The raspberries were a bit lanky, neglected even, due in part to my hospitalisation last year, here’s hoping 2017 is better, but this is what I started with

Before pruning, January 2017

Listening to Radio Solent gardening questions this lunchtime, I heard Brian Kidd, the gardener, not footballer, giving advice about stopping / curing the yellowing of citrus leaves. Very simple it seems

Mustard spoonful of table salt fully disolved in pint of cold water, tip onto soil around the plant this time of year, should be green leaves by March he said. Brian did explain how this works but I will take his word for it, he has been gardening professionally forever it seems

Well I have yellowing leaves on my pink grapefruit, in pot outside, so nothing ventured etc, mixed it up and applied this afternoon, just have to sit back and wait now