Pyracantha pruned to pieces

Finally finished off the very severe pruning of the Pyracantha and Buddlia, wanted to get it done before new Spring growth starts in earnest. I will forego the pyracantha flowers and berries this year but it certainly needed doing

I have left some of the larger branches near the path for me to use as steadying handholds when I use the steps

Noticed the warmth has brought on the flowers on the dwarf daffs I bought in a pot from Morrison’s last month, looking good now

Pyracantha at front with bird feeder, buddlia at the back, near the Dalek compost bins


Rhubarb and Roses

Been a bit busier today, the sun came out and it’s getting Spring like, first flower out in my garden, some may call it a weed but I call it a wild flower. A celandine glowing in the sun brightened the day with hints of more to come

Continuing stocking the Age Concern border with roses, I bought three more, unnamed from Poundland, two white and one yellow, look nice plants for a quid so not complaining. Now planted by usual dig hole and bung them in method, after an overnight soak in a bucket of water

Yesterday a friend at Age Concern gave me a spare rhubarb crown to replace the one that was destroyed by cats last year, went round his garden to collect, and now planted in a fresh spot in mine, near the fruit canes at back of garden

And with the sun out I continued cutting back the pyracantha, nearly there now, another good go should see it completed

Bit more pruning

The sun came out after a few days of wind and rain, with forecast of more wet to come, I decided to take the opportunity to continue getting ready for Spring.

Continued and finally finished pruning the gooseberry back in bounds, a lot more room around it now, time will tell how the fruiting is impacted, I doubt it will make a lot of change because due to the formidable thorns a lot of fruit was left on the bush anyway

Cracked on with pruning the pyracantha, it really does need a good haircut, even the birds have trouble getting in amongst it. Luckily pyracantha respond well to hard pruning, especially at this time of year before bud break, should generate fresh shoots from well down the bush now. So far I have cut about half of it back, my intention is to finish up with about three foot long trunks before they break again.

The hard pruning means the blossom and berries on the pyracantha will be hard hit this year, but it was getting well out of bounds so has to be done.

Here is what gooseberry and pyracantha were like in 2014