Pyracantha pruned to pieces

Finally finished off the very severe pruning of the Pyracantha and Buddlia, wanted to get it done before new Spring growth starts in earnest. I will forego the pyracantha flowers and berries this year but it certainly needed doing

I have left some of the larger branches near the path for me to use as steadying handholds when I use the steps

Noticed the warmth has brought on the flowers on the dwarf daffs I bought in a pot from Morrison’s last month, looking good now

Pyracantha at front with bird feeder, buddlia at the back, near the Dalek compost bins


You taking the p*ss?

Took the opportunity with first bit of sun for a few days to get out and carry on with the raspberry and general pruning. now I have both buddleia pruned well down to manageable levels, and the raspberries are down to ground level

Made a bit of an inroad into the largest gooseberry, it was getting too big for the spot I have it in, fruitful enough but snags on clothing and washing in the summer. Just removing the old dark wood and some of the lower sprawling branches has given more space already

Added my shredded paper, you know the sort, old bills, letters etc that are not really suitable for general recycling , due to content, I added to my compost Daleks, then sloshed on about two pints of diluted wee to help it all rot down.

The way I figure it, if someone is desperate enough to rummage through my compost to reclaim my wee soaked shopping receipts and stick them back together to find I bought some bread and milk one day they deserve a medal, but they had better be quick, because the wee adds nitrogen which acts as an accelerator and should be down rotted in a month or so

White buddleia pruning

I have a white flowered buddleia in my back garden, variety unknown because it was grown from a cutting I took from a supermarket car park, just as well I did as the parent plants have long since been grubbed up for yet more parking

However over the intervening twenty years of more the cutting took, grew and prospered, being a buddleia it never minded neglect, drought, rain, snow etc, bees, butterflies and all type of flying insects loved it over these years

It had grown very large, the trunk is at least as thick as your arm, and had been allowed, by me, to get over 12 feet high. I decided to give a good sort out this year and bring it back under my control again

The prunings go to the tip, but I used 4 as hardwood cuttings to compliment the other buddleias in the Age Concern border, they should take, especially as the parent started life in similar style

White buddlia before pruning Jan 2017
White buddleia before pruning Jan 2017

Miniature Roses

Pruned the two pot grown miniature roses now they were starting to look very much “past it” from being indoors since Christmas

Just removed all dead or yellowing leaves, plus all flowers and buds, then trimmed back to healthy wood and keep shape

Given a good soak and then in the unheated conservatory awaiting spring & repotting

Miniature roses pruned Jan 2017
Miniature roses pruned Jan 2017

Fruit tidy ups

Made a bit of a start at pruning my autumn fruiting raspberries, Autumn Gold, never got too far because my back started playing up & the garden waste wheelie bin was full by then. Due to be emptied this coming Wednesday.

The raspberries were a bit lanky, neglected even, due in part to my hospitalisation last year, here’s hoping 2017 is better, but this is what I started with

Before pruning, January 2017

Listening to Radio Solent gardening questions this lunchtime, I heard Brian Kidd, the gardener, not footballer, giving advice about stopping / curing the yellowing of citrus leaves. Very simple it seems

Mustard spoonful of table salt fully disolved in pint of cold water, tip onto soil around the plant this time of year, should be green leaves by March he said. Brian did explain how this works but I will take his word for it, he has been gardening professionally forever it seems

Well I have yellowing leaves on my pink grapefruit, in pot outside, so nothing ventured etc, mixed it up and applied this afternoon, just have to sit back and wait now

New year – New blog

Thought I would try and write about my 2017 gardening year, still fiddling with the set up so please excuse any mishaps / appearance for the next few days

Started on 1st Jan 2017 with pruning a buddlia at my local Age Concern, used the removed shoots s hardwood cuttings in attempt to cover the fence, ifit works should be provide a free, colourful and insct friendly background