Garden Ghosts

Runner beans with fleece protection

Some ghostlike scenes in my garden at the moment, the runners have all been covered in two layers of fleece for about a fortnight. Not just for frost but we have had biting north east cold winds over that time, the fleece seems to have done the intended job and beans are still healthy and climbing

I planted out my Polestar runners, had to, they were just romping away, but the fleece will help

Also a friend gave me some Enorma runner plants, also romping away, they have just been planted out in pot of five

The begonias are a bit hit & miss, some are growing well, others just limping along. I don’t think it is suppliers, seems to mixed results from both Wilkinson & Home Bargains. However I have now palnted them out the front in large tubs, currently behind chicken mesh to stop the blooming cats digging them up & pooing there

And spotted the first lily beetle, duly squished


Free corms – sort of

Over time have collected points from shopping at Morrison’s and last week I reached the magic total to get a five pound voucher off my next shopping trip

Today was the day to use my voucher, Morrison’s have bulbs / corms and the like on offer, three packs for a fiver, normal is two quid a pack

I spotted one of my all time favourites in there, stargazer lilies, 6 in a pack, so grabbed them, plus a pack each of double begonias and trailing begonias. The begonias are mixed colours,  with four in a packet

Not sure yet where I will plant them, possibly in pots out the front, but a bit early to worry about that just now as the North wind blows so cold today

I did grow Stargazer before, had a lovely show for years, but lily beetles did for them in the end I think, despite my best efforts, they just gradually died away over the years, so here’s hoping new strain and new location will succeed

Here is a picture of my old ones past glory, in 2014