Fruit tidy ups

Made a bit of a start at pruning my autumn fruiting raspberries, Autumn Gold, never got too far because my back started playing up & the garden waste wheelie bin was full by then. Due to be emptied this coming Wednesday.

The raspberries were a bit lanky, neglected even, due in part to my hospitalisation last year, here’s hoping 2017 is better, but this is what I started with

Before pruning, January 2017

Listening to Radio Solent gardening questions this lunchtime, I heard Brian Kidd, the gardener, not footballer, giving advice about stopping / curing the yellowing of citrus leaves. Very simple it seems

Mustard spoonful of table salt fully disolved in pint of cold water, tip onto soil around the plant this time of year, should be green leaves by March he said. Brian did explain how this works but I will take his word for it, he has been gardening professionally forever it seems

Well I have yellowing leaves on my pink grapefruit, in pot outside, so nothing ventured etc, mixed it up and applied this afternoon, just have to sit back and wait now