White buddleia pruning

I have a white flowered buddleia in my back garden, variety unknown because it was grown from a cutting I took from a supermarket car park, just as well I did as the parent plants have long since been grubbed up for yet more parking

However over the intervening twenty years of more the cutting took, grew and prospered, being a buddleia it never minded neglect, drought, rain, snow etc, bees, butterflies and all type of flying insects loved it over these years

It had grown very large, the trunk is at least as thick as your arm, and had been allowed, by me, to get over 12 feet high. I decided to give a good sort out this year and bring it back under my control again

The prunings go to the tip, but I used 4 as hardwood cuttings to compliment the other buddleias in the Age Concern border, they should take, especially as the parent started life in similar style

White buddlia before pruning Jan 2017
White buddleia before pruning Jan 2017

New year – New blog

Thought I would try and write about my 2017 gardening year, still fiddling with the set up so please excuse any mishaps / appearance for the next few days

Started on 1st Jan 2017 with pruning a buddlia at my local Age Concern, used the removed shoots s hardwood cuttings in attempt to cover the fence, ifit works should be provide a free, colourful and insct friendly background