Beans are go

Now made the final sowings, indoors, of all my beans, both Runner and climbing French

The ones sown a week or so back, White Emergo and black climbing French are well and truly germinated and have now been moved to the unheated conservatory before they get too leggy

Now sown Runner beans, Firestorm and Scarlet Emperor, climbing French bean Monte Cristo.

Plus a mystery runner bean, own seed, from a pod I had “put by” some years back, but lost the label. I think it may be Wisley Magic but the seed is large white and not really sure. Wait and see, it may never germinate anyway

And during the seed sort out I found an unopened packet of Borage seed, 2015, sown in a pot and will be lovely for the bees if they grow, should do, I know they grew like weeds when I had them previously



Potted up the new begonia corms I have bought over the past few days, making an early start by temporarily potting them up  in unheated conservatory to help break the dormancy

Once growing and the weather has warmed up they will be transplanted into their final growing pots, probably out the front on raised area near my front steps

Here are the types,

Fimbrata – Home bargains £1.50 for 5 corms

Cascade- Morrisons offer 3 for £5, 4 corms

Double – Morrisons offer 3 for £5, 4 corms

Double – Wilkinson’s £5 for 10 corms

Pendula – Wilkinson’s £5 for 10 corms

It became very obvious as I potted them that “you get what you pay for”

Here are two corms, the smaller one is Home Bargains @30p per corm, larger is Wilkinson’s @ 50p per corm. I think I can guess even now which will be the better blooming plants later in the year


Miniature Roses

Pruned the two pot grown miniature roses now they were starting to look very much “past it” from being indoors since Christmas

Just removed all dead or yellowing leaves, plus all flowers and buds, then trimmed back to healthy wood and keep shape

Given a good soak and then in the unheated conservatory awaiting spring & repotting

Miniature roses pruned Jan 2017
Miniature roses pruned Jan 2017