Rhubarb and Roses

Been a bit busier today, the sun came out and it’s getting Spring like, first flower out in my garden, some may call it a weed but I call it a wild flower. A celandine glowing in the sun brightened the day with hints of more to come

Continuing stocking the Age Concern border with roses, I bought three more, unnamed from Poundland, two white and one yellow, look nice plants for a quid so not complaining. Now planted by usual dig hole and bung them in method, after an overnight soak in a bucket of water

Yesterday a friend at Age Concern gave me a spare rhubarb crown to replace the one that was destroyed by cats last year, went round his garden to collect, and now planted in a fresh spot in mine, near the fruit canes at back of garden

And with the sun out I continued cutting back the pyracantha, nearly there now, another good go should see it completed


Wild flowers

Towards the end of Summer 2016 I sent for a free packet of wild flower seeds from project “Grow wild” which is supported by the Big Lottery Fund, Grow Wild is the national outreach initiative of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Seeds duly arrived, I had originally intended to sow them in the Age Concern narrow border adjacent to the car park, but due to a review and revamp the border was and is due to be covered in membrane & bark chips sometime 2017, I thus decided to sow them in a somewhat grotty, weedy, starved and unlovedĀ  patch near my front door

I skimmed off the weeds, due to the poor dry soil even they never thrived, so a good tug & out they came, bit of a scuff over to mix the old shingle covering in, then I mixed the new seeds with some flour and sprinkled them on mid October 2016. I also chucked on some ripe Evening Primrose & Love in Mist seeds that I had collected from Age Concern summer flowers

Because the soil was warm up the early birds came, and now just await Spring to see what I have, apart from cat poo left in their new cat loo šŸ˜¦

Here is progress so far