Swelling fruits

Looking around the garden this morning, after two days of very welcome rain, everything seems to be leaping ahead now, and risk of frost is past, forecast is mild and warm so I removed the fleece from the runner beans

They have made excellent progress in their cocoons of fleece, one I will certainly try this next year

Here are some pictures taken this morning

The bean nearest the camera, with yellowy leaves, is a climbing French bean, self saved seeds from a friend. I think is suffered more than the other beans during the spell of cold winds, but seems to be perking up now


Roses are Fed

First of April, very much sign of Spring now, buds are out on most plants, and the apple blossom is just waiting in the wings

With the new planting of roses in the Age Concern garden I decided to try and give them a good start in life by feeding them this year. I do not normally feed plants in the open ground

The fertiliser I am using at present is Maxicrop complete, first time purchase of that, normally I find it too pricey for me, luckily I bought some last weekend during 20% off weekend at the local garden centre

I gave about a gallon diluted to each bush, watered around the roots, supposed to be done about twice a month but may wait and see, cut it to perhaps once a month

I also did same to my recently planted apple trees, and the Opal plum in it’s pot, and the Thorn free blackberry and the figs in pots

The daffodils I planted last year are going well now, as are the wallflowers, and their scent is lovely as they are in a sheltered corner where the scent lingers

Continuing with the patio cleanup, noticed the pear tree was encroaching onto patio, so I have decided to try and train it sort of espalier, never done that before but I think it will look nice once settled

Knocked in two metal posts to tie the pear into, and took the opportunity to tie back a goosberry, currant & rose that live nearby

Summer Time starts

The clocks go forward tonight, lovely sunny day outside, time to update this blog

My runners are now all germinated, well all except the mystery one I found, the beans have rotted so never will know what they were. Because the weather is good I have started to harden the runners off, first day out in the sun today, they were galloping away in the conservatory

The tomatoes are now showing the first true leaves, not going leggy and still on the window sill, but no extra heat except from normal room

The mini roses, I have now planted them into a large pot at Age Concern, I did take a photo but it really was a poor shot so not posting that

A lovely show of daffs now in the sun, the early Tete a Tete are going over, but plenty of other varieties to come

My peach is in blossom, but has peach leaf curl, which I was expecting since it is now outside, will just have to take it’s chances because the greenhouse is no longer suitable

And lastly, one of my figs, the one in the conservatory, has embryo figs showing, not quite pea sized yet

Apricot, the seven year itch?

The Spring sun had a suprise for me, my Aprigold apricot, bought & planted October 2009 has blossom on it after seven years of waiting

I bought it pot grown from Blackmoor Nursey, it produced a couple of blossoms in 2010, but never fruited, and has failed to flower ever since. It does not look the best of trees TBH, never really flourished and it had crossed my mind to chuck it out

Maybe it read my thoughts? Whatever, here in sun is a couple of flowers, a few more pink buds are showing but fruit could be a step too far to hope

More roses plus alpines

It has been very wet and windy lately with storm Doris going through, but bought two more Alpines for the front, from Morrison’s as usual. In pots and growing well

Arenaria “Montana” and Alpine wallflower “Bowles mauve”. I have heard of the latter, seems to be one often mentioned, so either good and reliable or common as muck. Either way both now planted out in the front and very well watered in with the rain

Still getting roses for the Age Concern border, two more today, from Poundland, unnamed, just “white” but they will do the job. Currently soaking in a bucket for planting tomorrow

Starting to look through my seeds, getting itchy about soaing tomatoeas and maybe beans sometime soon

Rhubarb and Roses

Been a bit busier today, the sun came out and it’s getting Spring like, first flower out in my garden, some may call it a weed but I call it a wild flower. A celandine glowing in the sun brightened the day with hints of more to come

Continuing stocking the Age Concern border with roses, I bought three more, unnamed from Poundland, two white and one yellow, look nice plants for a quid so not complaining. Now planted by usual dig hole and bung them in method, after an overnight soak in a bucket of water

Yesterday a friend at Age Concern gave me a spare rhubarb crown to replace the one that was destroyed by cats last year, went round his garden to collect, and now planted in a fresh spot in mine, near the fruit canes at back of garden

And with the sun out I continued cutting back the pyracantha, nearly there now, another good go should see it completed

New roses planted

The Age Concern border has some roses planted in previous years, nothing special, just unnamed ones from bargain bucket shops over time, they flower OK and do the job they were intended for, easy, colourful and a bit of scent

Since the revamp and new bark chip mulch I have been looking for a few more cheapo roses to complete that part of the border

Yesterday on a mooch around Home Bargains I spotted some that fitted the bill, starting point was only 99p each, bare rooted of course, but just fine for planting this time of year. They all have some shoots but these are not yet too long after being in a warm shop for a few days

I bought three, I had intended to get all different, but due to stupidity on my part I duplicated two, which as it happens was not a big problem once I got home and looked up the varieties

I have bought one Kronenbourg and two Dame de Coeur, all are red, but Kronenbourg being sport of Peace has some of Peace colourings, which should be lovely. I have always liked Peace, especially with it’s history, and was intending to plant one, seems I have arrived there in a round about way

This morning, after the roots were soaked overnight in a bucket of water, I planted all three through the weed proof membrane, no special preparation, just dug holes and bunged them in, rain due sometime in next few days should finish the job for me

Now looking out for just two more, perhaps orange, yellow or white, pot luck on whatever turns up in the bargain buckets