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Just a short bit about me, as per title I am a granddad, two kids, one of each, giving me 5 grandchildren, 3 girls, two boys, ages from 14 to 5

Living in south Hampshire, North of Portsmouth & about 15 miles inland from the Solent.

Always been interested in gardening since following my Granddad around his allotment way back in the 1950s, since then I have had four gardens of my own, plus allotments, and odd patches here & there. Currently I have my smallish back garden, with cat toilet &  weeds wild flowers  out the front, plus pots and patches / borders at local Age Concern

Due to illness & hospitalisation during Dec 2015 and Jan 2016 over the Christmas period I am not as mobile as I was, bending, lifting large items and stamina are just not what they once were, so my gardening is more of the pottering, pruning, planting, tidying and watering type these days

This blog will show what I grow and how I get on over 2017