New roses planted

The Age Concern border has some roses planted in previous years, nothing special, just unnamed ones from bargain bucket shops over time, they flower OK and do the job they were intended for, easy, colourful and a bit of scent

Since the revamp and new bark chip mulch I have been looking for a few more cheapo roses to complete that part of the border

Yesterday on a mooch around Home Bargains I spotted some that fitted the bill, starting point was only 99p each, bare rooted of course, but just fine for planting this time of year. They all have some shoots but these are not yet too long after being in a warm shop for a few days

I bought three, I had intended to get all different, but due to stupidity on my part I duplicated two, which as it happens was not a big problem once I got home and looked up the varieties

I have bought one Kronenbourg and two Dame de Coeur, all are red, but Kronenbourg being sport of Peace has some of Peace colourings, which should be lovely. I have always liked Peace, especially with it’s history, and was intending to plant one, seems I have arrived there in a round about way

This morning, after the roots were soaked overnight in a bucket of water, I planted all three through the weed proof membrane, no special preparation, just dug holes and bunged them in, rain due sometime in next few days should finish the job for me

Now looking out for just two more, perhaps orange, yellow or white, pot luck on whatever turns up in the bargain buckets


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