Prompted by having just bought a pot of “mini daffodils” in Morrison’s this morning, reduced to 50p, variety not stated but I guess Tete a Tete , I thought I would write a few words about the daffodils I have planted for this coming season.

Like most of us I have always had daffs in the garden, normally unknown or mixed varieties that have been acquired over the years, they pop up spring after spring

However on a visit to RHS Wisley in April 2013, as well as the beautiful displays of spring flowers, including daffodils, I saw a lovely pink daffodil, “Chanson” and at that moment decided to grow some pink daffodils for a touch of the unusual

Come the autumn of 2013 and I was looking for bulbs of pink daffs the only ones I saw were at prices I was not willing to pay, like one pound or more per bulb, seem my tastes were a tad too exotic then.

Roll on three years, to autumn 2016 and an unsolicited catalogue from J Parkers arrived, with offers on pink daffodils, plus 40 free Tete a Tete with every order, the time had arrived to get in quick

Ordered bargain package of 15 Delnashaugh and 20 Salome, both £2.99 plus my 40 free Tete a Tete and they arrived very quickly, not quite by return of post but under a fortnight. Some of the Delnashaugh were a bit soft but all the other bulbs supplied were firm and a good size

That delivery re sparked my interest in daffodils and I decide to go big on daffs for 2017 spring both at home and in pots at Age Concern.

The free Tete a Tete were planted in pots both at home and Age Concern, and I set out to buy more bulbs for pots at Age Concern

I bought the following over the next month or so, in no particular order

All except Double Dick Wilden have Award of Garden Merit from RHS

10 Mount Hood [white] from Wilkinson’s £1.75

10 Mount Hood [white] from Wilkinson’s £1.00 reduced from £1.75

10 Double Dick Wilden [yellow double] from Wilkinson’s £1.00 reduced from £1.75

12 Minnow [white, lemon centre]from Home Bargains £1.00

36 Quail [bright yellow] from Home Bargains, all £1.00 they had run out of Minnow by the time I went back for more

All planted during October November 2016 in large pots at Age Concern, and at time of writing some are just poking above the soil



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